Council aims to show true grit to beat winter blues in Kirkintilloch and Bishobpriggs

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A FRESH battle plan to deal with ice and snow is being worked on in East Dunbartonshire.

The revelation came at a meeting of Bishopbriggs Community Council last week after residents hit out at the council’s handling of the Arctic conditions and asked for gritting route priorities to be reassessed before the next big snowfall.

Councillor Anne McNair said the council would look at ways to improve its gritting service and would discuss whether different routes should be prioritised.

Councillor McNair said: “We have got a meeting about whether there should be different gritting routes and to discuss the location of grit bins. Obviously people have had issues over the bad weather and councillors will be sitting down and taking on board where constituents have raised issues with us to see if there is a better way of doing it.

“We are looking at it again to see how we can improve the service and if there is a better way of delivering some of these services.”

Councillor McNair also revealed that the council recently purchased new grit bins and their placement is likely to be discussed at the meeting this week.

The news comes just weeks after the Herald was inundated with calls from residents who claimed grit bins had not been filled and streets not gritted during the ‘big freeze’.

A council spokesperson said: “Elected members have an ongoing interest in the council’s winter maintenance operations. As such members have regular meetings and discussions with officers on winter maintenance issues.”