Council blamed for parking chaos

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Fed-up residents have renewed their pleas for council workers to stop clogging up residential streets around their headquarters.

Employees based at East Dunbartonshire’s Southbank Marina offices have been accused of clogging up the surrounding roads with their cars on weekdays.

One Southbank Drive resident told the Herald: “The whole area is absolutely swamped with cars, blocking pavements and making it impossible for residents to park outside their own properties.

“I’ve heard rumours that more employees will be moving in so it’s not going to get any better, particularly when the new parking charges come in.”

“They have a massive car park up at Tom Johnston House but they don’t bother using it – whenever I’ve been up there it’s been practically empty.

“It’s really very selfish.”

Ann Davie, director of customer services and transformation, said: “East Dunbartonshire Council is acutely aware of issues surrounding parking in the Southbank area and has been liaising with employees, local residents and businesses in an ongoing bid to address concerns.

“The car park at Tom Johnston House remains open and available to all employees and visitors, and is only a short walk away from the various council offices.

“Employees have been instructed on a number of occasions to make use of the facility and to be considerate of local residents and businesses when choosing where to leave their cars.

“The parking situation will continue to be monitored and reviewed over the coming months as the development of the new Lairdsland Primary School and first phases of the council’s accommodation campus in Southbank area are rolled out.

“The council is facing unprecedented financial pressures and the Corporate Asset Management Plan is key to achieving the level of savings required.”