Council workers watch in horror as cars are towed away

Bishopbriggs depot
Bishopbriggs depot

A ROW over parking has accelerated after cars were towed away from outside a council depot.

Employees are not allowed to park their cars at the council’s Hilton Depot, in Bishopbriggs, due to health and safety concerns.

Instead they have been parking in the area outside the depot in Balmuildy Road and in nearby Hilton Terrace.

Residents have previously raised concerns that the cars are parked on the pavement, blocking the route for pedestrians.

The on-going saga recently resulted in six workers’ cars being uplifted.

However, the workers claim they have nowhere else to park.

A spokesperson for the employees said: “Workers have been told to park in the Leisuredrome car park, but it does not open until well after their starting time.

“The workers understand that they are parking on verges and pavements, but the depot is in an area where there are very few pedestrians.

“If you take a look at areas surrounding any school within Bishopbriggs at start and finishing times you will find cars parked on pavements in built up areas where there are children walking.”

The spokesperson added: “The only cars allowed to park within the depot are council vehicles, disabled badge holders and visitors.

“It’s amazing that the police could block off the road for 40 minutes to take such extreme action against council workers.”

David Devine, head of roads and neighbourhood services at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “Provision has been made for all employees based at the Hilton Depot to park their cars in the rear car park of the Leisuredrome at the outdoor five-a-side football pitches.

“This facility is for the use of all employees, including those working early shifts.”

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