Duncan Bannatyne was thrilled to get a unique cake for his birthday

Duncan with Megan and her cake

Duncan with Megan and her cake

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Former Castlehill Primary School pupil, Megan Thompson, baked a very special cake for Dragons’ Den star Duncan Bannatyne recently.

She presented the cake, which had icing models of all the Dragons on top, to Duncan during his recent visit to the Bearsden school to promote the start of the Tenner Challenge which is happening throughout March.

Duncan with Megan

Duncan with Megan

Last year’s ‘Most Inspiring Individual’ Tenner Challenge award winner, Megan, arrived during lunch with the birthday cake she had baked for him and everyone sang him ‘Happy Birthday’.

Megan (10) spent nine hours decorating the cake. She started a bakery business as part of the competition last year and is still running it today.

The Scottish entrepreneur also rolled up his sleeves during the day to help the pupils who were holding a day long car wash to raise money for Cancer Research.

The school was given £10 investment from Tenner which they used to buy sponges, buckets, gloves and other equipment they needed for the day. As word spread of the pupils’ enthusiasm local people, as well as Asda in Bearsden, donated extra equipment to make sure that their initial £10 went really far.

The school made a very impressive £540 by the end of the day.

To sign up to the challenge go to www.tenner.org.uk.