Global search to track foundries’ iconic work

Lion foundry phone boxes in Kirkintilloch
Lion foundry phone boxes in Kirkintilloch

Holidaymakers and travellers have been challenged to upload evidence of Kirkintilloch’s industrial past onto the internet.

Herald reader Danny McFadden has started up Facebook and Flickr groups to gather examples of work from Kirkintilloch’s Lion and Star foundries.

Their expert handiwork can be found around the world - particularly the Lion Foundry’s iconic red telephone and post boxes.

Danny became interested in the subject through his family.

He said: “My grandfather worked for the Lion Foundry for a short while and I think my uncle worked at the Star Foundry.

“I remember on family trips my father would always look at the back of phone boxes to see if they were made in Kirkintilloch.

“They are becoming a bit of an endangered species now so I thought it would be good to build up an archive.

“In the recent past they have been spotted as far away as Zimbabwe and Taiwan.”

Danny’s now launched the “global challenge” and has already received a number of examples from places like Oxfordshire and Northampton.

He said: “They must include a picture of the engraved sign confirming it was made in Kirkintilloch.

“We might be amazed to know where they can be found.”

If you would like to contribute, visit the ‘Lion Foundry Challenge’ Facebook or Flickr site or email Danny on