Independence Referendum: Postal and proxy votes

Chief executive Gerry Cornes

Chief executive Gerry Cornes

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If you’re planning to be on holiday when Scotland goes to the polls on September 18, you need to act now to ensure you get the chance to make your mark.

East Dunbartonshire’s Chief Executive and Local Counting Officer for the election, Gerry Cornes, said: “If you are going to be on holiday, at home or abroad on 18 September , there are two options open to you to vote in the Scottish Referendum.

“You can either apply for a postal vote or nominate someone to vote on your behalf- known as a proxy vote.”

If you choose a postal vote you will need to fill in an application form and send it to your local Electoral Registration office, to arrive by 5pm on September 3. You can get the form at:

You will then be sent postal ballot papers to your home address or to any other address of your choice.

They can even be sent abroad, but you need to think about whether you will have enough time to receive and return them by 10pm on Thursday, September 18.

Another way of casting your vote while away is to apply for a proxy vote.

This means choosing someone you trust to vote on your behalf. They need to be over 16 and a British, Irish or other European or other qualifying Commonwealth citizen. They also need to be willing to do this for you and you must tell them how you want them to vote on your behalf.

For a proxy vote you will need to fill in an application – saying why you can’t vote in person – and send it to your local Electoral Registration office by 5pm on September 3.

Mr Cornes said: “While September 3 is the final deadline, people need to think about when they are going on holiday and give themselves enough time to receive their form and post it back, so we would urge those who know they will be away to get in touch now.”

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