Kirkintilloch cops issue scam warning

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DON’T be duped by counterfeit cops – that’s the warning from the real police in Kirkintilloch.

East Dunbartonshire residents have been urged to beware of phone scams where the caller claims to be a bank employee notifying the victim that there has been movement or transactions involving their account.

The caller claims police have been told and will attend.

Bogus callers then arrive at the victim’s home pretending to be police officers where they try to get further bank details and passwords.

After they have gleaned the information, money is stolen from the account and the perpetrators move on to their next target.

Constable Siobhan McCandlish, of the community safety department at Kirkintilloch Police Office, warns: “Never ever give your bank details over the phone or by e-mail, this is not bank policy and they will never ask you to do this.

“Banks have their own procedures in place to deal with these issues. Never give out personal details if receiving unsolicited calls.

“Police officers will never ask you to provide details such as passwords for accounts even if they are dealing with a genuine enquiry on your behalf.”

Kirkintilloch police stress that no-one has been duped in this way in East Dunbartonshire yet – and they want it to stay that way.

If you have any information about a suspected scam or you want advice, call Kirkintilloch police on 0141 532 4400.