Loch, will you please stop using our street as a rat run?

SHORTCUT: Loch Road is one of the routes being used as a shortcut.
SHORTCUT: Loch Road is one of the routes being used as a shortcut.

FRUSTRATED residents want action to slam the brakes on motorists using their streets as a “shortcut”.

People living in Old Aisle Road and Loch Road in Kirkintilloch claim their streets are jammed with traffic – particularly at peak times.

Locals say cars and articulated lorries are using the area to avoid traffic delays instead of using the main roundabout to Kirkintilloch’s link road.

They are fed up with the constant disruption and are calling for action.

Allan Woods, who lives in Old Aisle Road, said: “Every morning it is a constant stream of traffic and sometimes I cannot get across the road because it is that busy.

“Recently there was a lorry with a large trailer and it could not get round the road because of its size.

“Loads of cars ended up stuck behind it as a result.”

Mr Woods says the traffic also stops young children from playing near the street and he is concerned that many motorists are ignoring advisory ‘20s plenty’ signs.

His views are shared by other locals such as Kieran McCrorie, who commented on the Herald Facebook page: “We live on the corner of Old Aisle Road and Bridgeway Terrace. There is a heavy volume of traffic that still persists in turning up from Waterside Road onto Old Aisle Road to get to the link road.

“Apart from the constant flow of traffic yards from our living room I get frustrated that this is no longer even a shortcut!

“The time taken to go up, tip-toe around parked cars and wait for oncoming vehicles navigating the single lane means it takes far longer than simply continuing along Waterside Road and joining the link road at the roundabout.

“There is a small sign up notifying drivers to continue along Waterside to the link road, but I guess old habits die hard with some folks.”

East Dunbartonshire Council has pledged to invite residents to a public meeting to discuss options for tackling concerns.

David Devine, head of roads and neighbourhood services, said: “On January 30, local residents were invited to attend a public meeting at Tom Johnston House to discuss traffic management options for Old Aisle Road and Loch Road.

“At this meeting the council agreed to investigate road closure options, traffic signals at Old Aisle Road/Waterside Road and the use of an area off Bothlyn Avenue for parking. Residents will be invited to a further public meeting to discuss these options in full and to reach a decision on how to proceed.

“The date and time of this meeting will be arranged shortly and residents will be invited to attend by letter.”

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