MP: Why is chemo unit ‘unsafe’ at Stobhill?

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MP Jo Swinson is challenging NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde over their rejection of a chemotherapy day service at the ‘new’ Stobhill Hospital.

Campaigners, headed by Lenzie man Tom Herbert, have been fighting for the service to be provided for cancer patients for several years.

Jo spoke out after the 
Scottish Parliament’s health secretary recently dismissed a plea by the LibDems in Scotland for the service to be provided at the new state-of-the-art hospital.

The then health secretary Alex Neil said the health board believed its provision would be “unsafe and unsustainable”.

Jo said: “As a strong supporter of the campaign for chemotherapy services at Stobhill Hospital, I understand why Tom was disappointed with the answers provided by the SNP Government.

“Tom’s dedication to this cause is inspiring, and I will continue to help by writing to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde challenging them for a fuller explanation as to why they feel providing this service at Stobhill would be 
“unsafe and unsustainable”.

After questions were tabled in parliament by the Scottish LibDems, the health board would only commit to keeping the position “under review”.

The Herald’s Facebook page has been inundated with comments from people backing the campaign.

Local people, and their families, suffering from cancer have to travel to the Beatson in Glasgow for chemotherapy.

Many of them have told the Herald their illness, combined with the often debilitating side effects of chemo treatment means the journey, which some of them have to undergo by bus, is gruelling and stressful.

Tom has also written to new First Minister Nicola Sturgeon appealing to her “as a promoter of social justice” to investigate the matter further.

Tom said: “I am glad Jo is following through. The health board are saying a chemo unit is ‘unsafe’. So what does that say for the rest of the hospital? Is it all unsafe?”