Planners lauded for quick turnaround on applications

Statistics published this month by the Scottish Government show that East Dunbartonshire Council’s planning service is one of the best in Scotland.

Figures for 2013/14 show that 90.3 per cent of applications in the local authority area were processed within two months - well over the target of 80 per cent and fourth highest in Scotland.

Planning Board chairman Councillor Billy Hendry said: “The target of 80 per cent takes account of the complexities that can surround some individual applications and also the huge workload of planning teams. In the last year, our team handled more than 600 applications, many of which were for major developments. Earlier this year we achieved a 100 per cent turnaround within one month for the first time and, while this isn’t always practical or achievable, we must always aim as high as possible.

“Across the council we are smart working to make us as efficient and effective as possible and this achievement shows how those efforts are paying off.”