Should Bishopbriggs become a ‘20’s Plenty’ zone? Have your say...

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CONTROVERSIAL plans to make Bishopbriggs a 20mph town have been given the initial green light.

Council chiefs have agreed to look into the feasibility of introducing a 20mph pilot scheme in the busy town.

ED’s Cycle Co-op launched a campaign to introduce the new mandatory speed limit in Bishopbriggs earlier this year in a bid to make the town safer for walkers and cyclists.

Councillors now plan to test the idea, which would create 20mph limits which could be enforceable by police, in Bishopbriggs.

Initial talks will take place with police and community groups before a full-scale consultation begins.

The plans have been backed by primary school parent councils, head teachers and church groups, and could be introduced across East Dunbartonshire if successful.

Mark Kiehlmann, founder of the cycle co-op, said: “It’s great that the council is taking this seriously and that it is looking at the safety of the community and taking measures to improve air quality.”

Councillor Alan Moir, convener of the council’s development and infrastructure committee, told the Herald: “The logic behind the scheme is that lower traffic speeds mean safer roads which should in turn encourage parents to allow their children to cycle and perhaps persuade them to get on their bikes too.

“What we are doing is testing that logic and finding out if there is an appetite for change in the town.

“Ultimately, drivers in the area of any pilot scheme would need to amend their behaviour and slow down. Without their support, it would be difficult to take the project forward.”

Councillors will be given a report with the findings of the feasibility study before making a decision on whether to progress with the introduction of the pilot scheme.

If they do move ahead, it is estimated that research and design would cost around £30,000.

However, some residents have raised concerns about the plans.

In a letter to the Herald, one resident said: “As a walker in the area I would like to contest the need for this speed limit.

“I frequently have to step aside for cyclists who cycle on the pavement instead of the roads.

“It is also very rare when I am driving that I manage to get to 30 because of the large number of traffic lights and roadworks.”

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