Stobhill campaign steps up a gear in fight for chemo services

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CAMPAIGNERS fighting to have chemotherapy services delivered from the ‘new’ Stobhill Hospital have called for an independent audit of patient numbers.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has constantly claimed patient numbers in the East Dunbartonshire and North Glasgow area do not justify setting up a chemo service at Stobhill.

But campaigners dispute the health board’s claims and have vowed to keep up the fight to have the service delivered at Stobhill – the same service that is provided at the Victoria Infirmary on Glasgow’s Southside.

Lenzie man Tom Herbert has been a stalwart of the campaign. He said: “NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde say patient numbers in East Dunbartonshire and North Glasgow don’t justify chemotherapy services at Stobhill, but I and many others dispute that.

“I am calling for an independent audit of the patient numbers - not an audit carried out by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, but a completely independent audit.”

He added: “The service cancer patients receive at the Beatson is excellent, but chemotherapy takes a lot out of patients and the journey and travel time getting to and from the Beatson is an added stress that patients from East Dunbartonshire and North Glasgow could well do without.

“The service should be delivered at Stobhill, that was promised by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde in the leaflet produced a number of years ago telling people what service would be available from the new Stobhill ACAD.”

A spokesperson for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: “The model for chemotherapy provision was agreed following a full appraisal in 2002 and is two day chemotherapy centres for Greater Glasgow: the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre covering North Glasgow, and the Victoria covering South Glasgow.

“Following requests to re-appraise this model we have over the last two years concluded a thorough analysis of the potential demand and costs associated with providing a chemotherapy service at Stobhill Hospital.

“We have investigated all the options with input from our consultant oncologist colleagues, but the agreed model remains the best option for Greater Glasgow.”

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