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A Cadder Parish Church Sunday School trip.
A Cadder Parish Church Sunday School trip.

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50 YEARS AGO - September 19, 1962

A SCOUT troop reached their fundraising target of £2,500 to give their crumbling headquarters a much-needed facelift.

The 1st Lenzie Scouts embarked on the appeal to reconstruct and modernise their hall just weeks earlier.

The committee members immediately swung into action to raise funds through a raffle, door-to-door collection and a fete.

The events were so successful that, together with grants, the scouts raised £2,875 to pay for the work.

The extra cash was set to be used to clean up the surrounding areas, as well as cutting back a number of trees - creating a supply of logs for scouts to practice their woodcraft on.

ITEMS for sale in the Herald’s classified section included a 1956 Ford Anglia for £200 and a Jeep “with four good tyres” for £35.

40 YEARS AGO - September 20, 1972

DISC Jockey Jimmy Young, nicknamed ‘the housewives’ hero’ was mobbed by fans when he visited Bishopbriggs.

The DJ was in town for the official opening of Bishopbriggs Motors and had to take refuge in a caravan when he was besieged by autograph hunters.

He later handed out signed photos and copies of his best-selling cookbook.

Bishopbriggs Motors’ managing director Alec Moore, who handed out free stickers, hats and model cars at the launch, said: “It has been a great opening. We achieved what we set out to do - put the place on the map.”

BISHOPBRIGGS Town Council refused an application to build a hypermarket in Kirkintilloch - citing a possible negative impact on the town’s traffic flow and sewerage system.

30 YEARS AGO - September 22, 1982

A BALLOON released in Kirkintilloch was found in France six weeks later.

A French farmer, who picked the balloon up from a field near the town of Savilly, returned it to the CND campaigners who sent it on its way from the town’s Regent Centre at the start of August.

Around 1,200 of the helium-filled balloons were launched to mark the anniversary of the atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Organiser Susan McCanney said: “The area of land and distance which the balloons covered make the implications of our event quite chilling.

“There really is no sanctuary from the aftermath of a nuclear explosion.”

THE Rio Cinema was showing Rocky III, while the song Eye of the Tiger, which famously featured in the film, was number one in the local charts.

20 YEARS AGO - September 23, 1992

POLICE were hunting three vicious thugs who robbed four young golfers at knifepoint.

The incident happened at Bishopbriggs Golf Course on a Friday evening when the boys were surrounded by their attackers, armed with flick-knives and a stick.

One of the boys told the Herald: “It was very frightening - I was shaking afterwards.

“They took our clubs and ran off. There was nothing we could do.”

The boy’s dad said: “Losing the golf clubs is not the point. My concern is that four decent, well behaved youngsters can’t play a game of golf after school without being attacked.”

A NEW band called Glass Onion - who would later become chart-toppers Travis - were featured in the Herald after winning a BBC Scotland music competition.

10 YEARS AGO - September 25, 2002

A KIRKINTILLOCH pensioner scooped a massive £215,000 jackpot in a national bingo game.

The woman, who didn’t want to be named, won the prize at the Gala Bingo, in Possil Park.

The 76-year-old had a triple heart by-pass three years earlier and joked with staff that she would need a new pacemaker.

She told the Herald: “I’ve been a bingo player for years and years and visit the Gala three times a week.

“The hall erupted when I called out. I never dreamed this would happed to me. I just love playing bingo whether I win or not.

“I’ll be taking advice from one of my sons, who is an insurance manager, on what to do with the money.”

WORLD champion snooker player Dennis Taylor took part in a promotional challenge match at Kirkintilloch’s Rob Roy Social Club.

Did you know?

Archibald Terrace, in Milton of Campsie, is named after Father John Archibald, parish priest of St Paul’s Church from 1976-1994.

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