There’s neigh way we can make them pick up their dung!

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HORSE riders in East Dunbartonshire cannot be forced to clean up after their animals.

That’s the shock revelation after concerns over dung being left in Kirkintilloch.

A local resident claims he was walking his dogs near the football field at Parkview Court, Kirkintilloch, when he saw three horses. being ridden.

He said: “One of the horses left a huge mess. We’re always hearing about dog owners being told to clean up after their pets, but there seems to be no rules for horse riders. They didn’t get off to clean up the mess.

“When I contacted the council they said there was nothing they could do about it.”

Kenny Simpson, East Dunbartonshire Council’s head of housing and community services, said: “Unlike dog fouling, horse manure does not pose a danger to the health of humans.

“Whilst there is no legislation requiring riders or carriage drivers to remove their horse’s dung, the British Horse Society Scotland has produced a leaflet offering advice on responsible riding in public roads and pathways, which offers advice on this matter.

“All members of the society have been issued with the leaflet and it is distributed at agricultural shows and riding schools.”