Why are we bothering to recycle, ask furious residents

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ECO-minded residents were stunned when the contents of their recycling boxes was dumped in a normal waste refuse truck.

A resident in Tweedsmuir, Bishopbriggs, claims he saw council workers emptying the recycling boxes into wheelie bins and then into the truck, presumably to go to landfill.

He said: “All the glass, paper and plastic that was separated by residents was tipped into a normal refuse truck.

“People made the effort to separate the items for recycling, but it seems like it was a complete waste of time.”

However, East Dunbartonshire Council insisted the collection on Monday, January 16, was later separated for recycling.

David Devine, the council’s head of roads and neighbourhood services, said: “Due to a technical issue, the council had to use a refuse collection vehicle instead of a recycling vehicle to ensure that the waste collection service could be completed that day.

“The material collected, however, was taken to a specialised plant where it was able to be separated out for recycling.”

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