You can’t police your thoughts, but you can control how you react to them

Don't let worry ruin your life
Don't let worry ruin your life

LAST time I spoke with you we were talking about the mind and changing the programs to the betterment of your health.

I mentioned about the default state we have, which is to be okay. When we let life pull us in different directions we get out of shape and become tense and stressed.

When we get into alignment with who we are again, then we revert back to being okay.

I’m sure you have all uttered the words “he/she made me do that/ feel like that”.

Truth is, and you’d better make sure your sitting down for this, it’s not he/she that made you do/feel anything. It’s all down to YOU!

How does that sit with you?

The way you react to a situation is a choice. Your choice. It is how you react to your thoughts that dictate how you feel.

Our feelings all come from the inside out.

Yes, so and so may have ‘upset’ you, but how you react is all down to you. You have a choice.

If you don’t realise that, then you’re giving away YOUR personal power.

You can’t control your thoughts, you don’t know what’s going to pop into your head next, just like when you change the channel on the TV you don’t know what will appear on the screen, but you have a say in how you react to those thoughts.

If you don’t like what’s on the TV you just change the channel right? Same with your thoughts.

When you add emotion to a thought you make it real.

Telling everyone who’ll listen about how so and so said this and that and upset you, is only helping to embellish those unpleasant feelings.

Like attracts like remember, so broadcasting your negativity will bring you more of the same.

The sooner you let these thoughts drift on pass without attaching any emotion to them, the sooner your life will become happier and more relaxed.

It really is that simple. A thought is just a thought.

Until next time, stay happy.


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