East Dunbartonshire ‘Eco Stars’ who really do mean business

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East Dunbartonshire Council has paid tribute to a group of Eco Stars to mark Clean Air Day recently.

As well as raising awareness of air quality issues, the council wanted to celebrate the

achievements of businesses who are working to reduce vehicle emissions.

Local firms, or those who trade in the area, are encouraged to be part of the Eco Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme.

It highlights organisations who are operating in the most environmentally friendly way to reduce fuel use and emissions in their daily business.

There are 107 members of the East Dunbartonshire Scheme, including the Council itself.

Eco Stars targets companies who operate vehicles in or near Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA), and in East Dunbartonshire there are two: Bishopbriggs AQMA and Bearsden AQMA.

In East Dunbartonshire 3,987 vehicles are covered by the scheme.

At the special event on Clean Air Day, Eco Star members were presented with a certificate showing their star rating from 1 to 5, based on a recent assessment of their operational and environmental performance.

Councillor Susan Murray, vice-convener of the Place, Neighbourhood & Corporate Assets Committee, spoke at the event about the council’s commitment to improving air quality.

She said: “Through our Air Quality Action Plans we are working with local people and businesses to clean up the air in our towns and villages.

“Clean Air Day is an opportunity to remind individuals and families what they can do to help achieve this aim and to recognise businesses who are doing their bit.

“Reducing car use by walking, cycling or using public transport is an obvious way we can all help reduce exhaust fumes. Not idling when we do use the car is another simple thing we can do.

“Although locally and nationally air quality standards are improving, air pollution continues to harm our health, particularly the health and wellbeing of vulnerable groups such as the young, elderly and those with medical conditions such as asthma.”

She thanked attendees for their commitment to the scheme and the wider goal of improving air quality: “Members of the Eco Stars Scheme have pledged to work towards improving engine technology and emission standards which will have a long-term positive impact on the environment and the air that we breathe. They are to be congratulated on that.”