Ayoub sisters return to perform at their old school

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Classically trained multi-talented performers The Ayoub sisters returned to their old school recently to play some rousing Scottish music.

Sarah and Laura Ayoub launched a special Burns’ Night medley at Douglas Academy just after celebrating signing a new record deal with world-famous music producer Mark Ronson.

The girls returned to their old school to perform alongside the school’s orchestra in front of students and invited guests last week, including councillor Maureen Henry, convener of Education.

The Ayoub Sisters have already taken the music world by storm when they were chosen from 10,000 online performers to feature in a special presentation at last year’s BRIT Awards.

The duo’s classical take on Number 1 single ‘Uptown Funk’ was personally produced by Mark Ronson and was part of a unique version of the song, shown at the awards. The track was then featured as Mastercard’s ‘Priceless Moment’ during the Awards and broadcast on television.

Mark Ronson said: “It was brilliant to bring together unique talents and produce a new cover of Uptown Funk. It’s an honour that such talented people are interested in my music... we created something special.”

Now the sisters have released a brand new track which is being tipped for great success, with Classic FM describing them as “incredible” and “amazingly talented”.

Speaking at the school, Laura Ayoub (21) said: “Douglas Academy played an integral part to our musical development. Our abilities as instrumentalists and writers were well nurtured and deeply encouraged.”

Sarah (24) added: “To be able to return and perform with the orchestra we once played with in the school that took great care of us is a very special moment that we will treasure.”

Mark Evans, head of music at the school said: “It is wonderful to see the girls doing so well. We are all very proud of what they have achieved; they have both worked so hard, and their current success is so well deserved. I am delighted that the girls want to come back to the school to perform and it is, I think, indicative of the important part that the Music School played in their early musical development.”

Councillor Henry said: “It was a real pleasure to meet Sarah and Laura when they returned to their old school to perform their brand new single. Not only was I excited to hear about their latest work but it was interesting to hear them speak about where their music has taken them.

“They are such talented young ladies and their success is bound to be an inspiration to the students currently working had to perfect their own craft at the Music School. Hearing about Sarah and Laura’s experiences in the music industry will be invaluable for the many young musicians keen to follow in their footsteps.”