Stobhill Hospital now provide same-day hip replacement for patients

Stobhill hospital has launched its same-day hip replacement programme and has successfully treated its first patient.

Thursday, 5th November 2020, 11:54 am

The programme is built on established principles from the pioneering partial knee-replacement service established at the hospital two years ago.

Orthopaedic services were temporarily paused due to the pandemic but have now 
relaunched with expanded capacity.

William Clunas, 29 from Kilsyth, was admitted as an outpatient to Stobhill ACH on October 13 and discharged the same day after successfully receiving surgery to 
replace his right hip.

Electrician William initially thought he had a trapped nerve, but what turned out to be arthritis quickly took its toll on his everyday life.

It left him unable to move without experiencing severe pain.

William said: “I had to sign off of work. I wasn’t even able to take the dog for a walk as the pain was unbearable. I started missing out on all the normal things in life I took for granted.”

William, whose original appointment was delayed due to covid, met the category for the single day turnaround.

He said: “I met the surgeon on the Friday to talk me through the process. I got my covid-19 test on the same day and I was scheduled in for the Tuesday morning after the weekend.

“It was less than two hours before I was back up in the 
recovery ward from the moment I went under for the operation.

“The staff were all amazing and professional, putting me at ease and answering any questions I had.”

By lunchtime William, with the support of a physio, said he was able to take his first steps with his new hip.

After ensuring he was mobile and able to walk up and down stairs with crutches, William was ready to be discharged home, where he’s been gradually recovering ever since.

William said: “I’m looking forward to getting back to doing some of the normal things in life like taking my dogs for a walk with my wife, and hopefully when it’s safe to do so, getting back out to see the football at the weekend.”

Paul Jenkins, Orthopaedic Clinical Director at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said: “The one-day turnaround service for hip replacement at Stobhill is well suited to the current situation.

“It allows clinically appropriate patients to get their treatment without spending any additional unnecessary time in hospital.

“This allows us to focus on providing excellent clinical care while efficiently managing the backlog for surgery.

“William is the first of many patients who are now being routed through Stobhill, which is a COVID-19 free hospital, for routine arthroplasty surgery such a hip-replacement and knee surgery.

“Patients will be contacted based on clinical priority and only if they’re able to fit the same-day treatment requirements.”