All the Young have all the tunes – and they’re heading for Glasgow

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ABANDONED by Oasis? Left cold by the Arctic Monkeys? Guitar-flavoured rock ‘n’ roll might just have found its saviours – All the Young.

The four-piece from Stoke have just released one of the albums of the year and the Herald has three copies to give away.

‘Welcome Home’ is a classic debut – packed full of soaring rock tunes to put a swagger in your step and melodies in your heart.

Combining sharp lyrics with anthemic choruses and driving guitars, All the Young are mining the musical seam that gave us bands like The Who, The Smiths and Oasis.

It’s impossible to listen to songs like ‘The First Time’ and ‘Welcome Home’ without feeling a rush of blood and excitement.

In a time when guitars have all but vanished from the charts and prime-time radio, it’s refreshing to hear a rock band with the smarts, sound and confidence to take on the world.

This is good, honest, down-to-earth music for the heart, soul and head.

All the Young are aiming to capitalise on the great reception from fans and critics with their longest headline tour to date – stopping off at King Tut’s in Glasgow.

They previously supported the likes of Morrissey and the Kaiser Chiefs, so they know how to get a crowd going.

Indeed, the former Smiths singer is a fan and said All the Young actually reminded him of the early days of his seminal group.

Frontman Ryan Dooley told the Herald the band would love to stay on tour all the time.

He revealed: “That’s got to be a goal for us – self-sufficient touring.

“You can’t kill live music. There will always be something you can’t do on a CD or download. It’s very refreshing.”

He added: “We want to have a good crack at Scotland.”

All the Young play King’s Tut’s next Wednesday (June 13).

Visit All the Young on the web, Twitter and Facebook. You can also snap up their debut album at a bargain price on Amazon or Play.

Alan Muir