Burn rubber – ‘Fast and Furious’ film on its way to Glasgow next week

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are 'Fast and Furious'
Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are 'Fast and Furious'

HOLLYWOOD is coming back to Glasgow with the filming of ‘Fast and Furious 6’ set to begin next Wednesday (August 29).

Preparations for filming – expected to involve souped-up cars – will lead to a number of road closures in the area around Broomielaw, Cadogan Street, Wellington Street and a number of other nearby streets from Saturday.

The decision to film in Glasgow was taken after representatives from the production met with Glasgow City Council’s Glasgow Film Office a few months ago.

The production will involve around approximately 250 local and out-of-town crew members when on location in Glasgow over the next few weeks, and will bring a significant economic impact to the city.

The shoot in Glasgow will be done by the production’s secondary film unit – the lead cast members will not be in Glasgow – and will take place at night.

There will be extremely limited opportunities to view the filming.

Glasgow Film Office has been working with the production over the past few months to help secure locations and to ensure that arrangements are in place with relevant council departments and other public bodies to allow filming to take place with the minimum disruption to normal city life.

Residents and businesses in areas where filming will take place (Cadogan Street and Broomielaw) have already been consulted with by the production and are being notified of the filming details.

Bailie Liz Cameron, Executive Member for Jobs and the Economy at Glasgow City Council, said: “It’s great that yet another major film is being made in Glasgow, further proof of our status as the UK’s most film-friendly city. I’m sure that people in Glasgow will be looking forward to seeing how our streets look in this movie, as they do in so many other films!”

‘Fast and Furious 6’ – starring Vin Diesel and The Rock – is the latest in the Fast and The Furious series of films, featuring souped-up cars and high-octane action.

In 2011, Glasgow hosted numerous major productions, including ‘World War Z’ starring Brad Pitt, ‘Cloud Atlas’ with Halle Berry, and ‘Under The Skin’, with Scarlett Johannson.

Also filmed last year was ‘The Angels’ Share’, directed by Ken Loach, which won the Jury Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

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