‘Come on Aileen’ is a hidden gem – win copies!

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HAILED as a hidden gem, new movie ‘Come on Eileen’ received warm reviews from critics and has now made its way on to DVD.

Eileen (Jackie Howe) is a mother of two children, who are both about to fly the nest. Summer stretches out in front of the family who, except for Eileen, have plans to go abroad, to a festival and to their dad’s wedding.

A new relationship suddenly comes into her life, and briefly she blooms. However, Bill – the new boyfriend – is an ex-cricketer with his own problems.

Their fling opens the door to insecurity and paranoia for Eileen, and one day under the guise of celebrating her new “love” she has a drink.

Once she starts she doesn’t stop…

The film treads a constant line between darkness and humour as it moves from its beginning in a sedate suburban cricket club to its conclusion at a music festival.

The cast includes Noel Fielding (from ‘The Mighty Boosh’), Julia Davis, Melanie Hudson and Keith Allen and a touching lead performance from Jackie Howe.

We have three copies of the DVD – which is available now through High Fliers – to give away.

To be in with a chance see this week’s Herald.