Down Memory Lane - March 19, 2014

St Ninian's High Prizegiving, 1966.
St Ninian's High Prizegiving, 1966.

Dancing stars, winning bands, hospital strikes and charity vandals.

March 18, 1964

‘Come Dancing’ presenter Peter West visited Bremner’s Hairdressing Salon, in Bishopbriggs, to interview young apprentices for a BBC Schools programme on jobs.

The television star was slightly concerned about how he would be received - after a Scottish contestant in the dance competition had received low marks.

He said: “I thought I’d have to wear a beard to come to Glasgow.

“Many Scottish people didn’t like last Monday’s ‘Come Dancing’ result.”

He defended the marks of the uniformly English judges, saying: “They are all international judges. They can’t be biased; they have their reputations to consider.”

March 18, 1974

Kirkintilloch Silver Band bounced back from relegation the year before to win the Scottish Second Section Championships.

The victory earned the band quick promotion back to the championship section and an invitation to represent Scotland at the national finals in London later in the year.

It was the first championship victory for the band in over 20 years.

The moral boosting result had come at just the right time for the band, who had two recording sessions at the BBC in the pipeline.

Three trophies were presented, including one to the winning conductor - David James.

The committee were planning a fundraising drive to pay for transport and board in London.

March 21, 1984

A dispute at Lennox Castle Hospital involving members of the National Union of Public Employees led to more than 1,000 patients missing a hot meal.

Anger erupted after management refused to allow a senior shop steward to attend a union meeting - leading to catering and laundry staff to walk out.

Patients were given sandwiches and cold meals until the staff returned a day later.

A spokesperson said: “The services affected were the delivery of food and clean laundry to the wards but things are getting back to normal.

“The food deliveries since tea time yesterday have been normal an the laundry services will also be back to normal soon.”

March 16, 1994

Vandals who had forced a charity to add extra security to a collection point were set to have a hard time repeating a sickening theft of donated cash.

The Bishopbriggs and Glasgow North Rotary Club had money stolen from their charity ‘Wishing Well’ in Bishopbriggs town centre.

But the group were confident that new measures would foil the crooks.

President Bob Neely said: “We had to spend hundreds of pounds strengthening it and fitting iron grids to stop anyone stealing money from it.

“It’s a shame that we had to spend money doing this. It would have been much better spent on one of our nominated charities.”