Filthy fun with the Cannibal Women of Mars at the Tron

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Billed as “a musical for those who don’t like musicals”, ‘Cannibal Women of Mars’ is perhaps more accurately “a pantomime for those who don’t like pantomimes”.

Any notions of seriousness not dispelled by the title are resolutely put to bed when a live band of superheroes are cheered into the orchestra pit.

The plot follows Glaswegians Largs (a charismatically camp Darren Brownlie) and Jaxxon (the always excellent Mark Prendergast) in a dystopian future where Earth is so overpopulated that all sexual activity is banned.

The frustrated duo jet off to Mars where they are promised a warm welcome by the eponymous local ladies - unaware that they are set to be quite literally devoured by Queen Beatrice (a suitably fearsome Marj Hogarth) and her daughters Pippa and Yasmin (seductively played by Helen McAlpine and Fiona Wood).

The plot flirts with satire on occasion but mainly settles for bawdy fun - no more so than when Gavin Mitchell (of ‘Still Game’ fame) is on stage as one of a myriad of over-the-top characters.

It’s a resolutely Glaswegian affair, combining the city’s venerable musical hall tradition with the (slightly) more contemporary musical stylings of Belle and Sebastian trumpeter Mick Cooke.

Director Andy Arnold gives the cast free rein to mess around on, and off, stage. Some parts work, some don’t, but when the whole is so entertaining a couple of misfires are easy to forgive.

Tron Theatre until July 20.

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