Here is the news – Haggis spotted with schoolchildren in East Dunbartonshire!

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A TALENTED Torrance illustrator is helping a well-known broadcaster to open a new chapter in her life – and it’s all about a haggis called Horace.

BBC Scotland broadcaster Sally Magnusson has launched her first children’s book today at Milngavie Bookshop.

It’s illustrated by her husband, Norman Stone – who runs A1 Productions in Torrance.

Sally, the daughter of broadcasting legend Magnus Magnusson, is really excited to see what people make of Horace and has plans for a series of books if it’s well received. The book was initially rejected by some publishers in London,

because they didn’t think readers would understand a story about a haggis.

Fortunately, publisher Black and White stepped in.

A spokesperson said: “Horace the Haggis gives children a world of fun, adventure, secrets and unforgettable characters and is both comfortingly timeless and engagingly modern.

“The exploits of Horace and his friends will have you laughing one minute and on the edge of your seat the next.”

You can meet Horace the Haggis, Sally and Norman at 4pm today (Wednesday) in Milngavie Bookshop.

They will also be at Milngavie Book and Arts Festival on Wednesday, September 5, at 9.30am and 1.30pm.

Visit for more details.

HOORAY FOR HORACE: Sally Magnusson is pictured with her husband and illustrator of the book, Norman Stone, Horace and some children from Torrance, Milngavie and Bearsden at Mugdock Country Park. The book cover is on the left.

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