It’s all new for The View!

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WHISPER it, but premier punk-rock upstarts The View might just have made their most grown-up and greatest album yet.

The Dundee band have announced a new single, new album, new member and new tour dates.

New single ‘Grace’ is out on March 7 - the first single to be released from their eagerly-anticipated third album ‘Bread And Circuses’.

It follows on from the sublime ‘Sunday’ which was made available as a free download in November via the band’s official website

The single, produced by Youth, finds The View at their most raucous, as jagged guitars intertwine with thunderous drums and an irresistible, singalong chorus which is sure to soundtrack both indie clubs up and down the country and the UK festivals come summer.

The single will come backed with an exclusive new track ‘Clowns’. Meanwhile ‘Bread And Circuses’ is set for release on March 14.

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Kyle Falconer said: “We were going to call the record ‘The Best Lasts Forever’, meaning that no matter what message is in your music, if it’s good enough then in five, ten, 100 years time people will still like it no matter what is happening in the world.

“There was a thing about having an album track title as the album title so that’s why we decided to have the last-minute switch.”

Check out for all the latest info, including tour dates and a free live EP.