Movie Review: The Sea fails to translate into a big screen success

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Adapting a well-known book for the big screen is always a tricky business - particularly when the book in question is a notoriously dense, weighty tome like John Banville’s Booker Prize winning The Sea.

Director Stephen Brown managed to convince Banville himself to write the screenplay for this debut movie, which had its world premiere recently at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Ciaran Hinds leads an impressive cast, which also includes Charlotte Rampling and Sinead Cusack. He plays the recently-widowed Max who returns to a family seaside holiday spot to relive the horrors of his childhood, while coping with the traumas of both the recent past and present.

Sadly - with the exception of the endearing and sympathetic Max - the remainder of the characters are curiously under-drawn, while a non-linear timeline confuses more than intrigues. More of a salty puddle than an epic ocean.

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