Not Another Happy Ending fails to set Edinburgh alight

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Closing the Edinburgh International Film Festival at a packed Festival Theatre, wafer-thin romantic comedy ‘Not Another Happy Ending’ pretty much delivered on the promise of its title.

Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan, who walked the red carpet at the gala screening, leads up the cast as Jane - a young author suffering from writer’s block. Stanley Weber is her agent/love interest Tom, who attempts to get her writing using methods that make as much sense as the film’s baffling series of relationships.

A subplot involving the wonderful Gary Lewis as Jane’s estranged father is never satisfactorily dealt with, while there is not a hint of chemistry to explain her entanglement with oily screenwriter Henry (Henry Ian Cusick).

The entire film is stolen by Ian De Caestecker - who delivers most of the laughs despite having little screen time - and the City of Glasgow, which is stunningly captured, bathed in soft romantic light.

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