Rona’s a rising star of TV news

Scotland Tonight ��STV Productions. John Mackay & Rona Dougall
Scotland Tonight ��STV Productions. John Mackay & Rona Dougall

THE newest face of Scottish current affairs is a former Lenzie Academy pupil.

Rona Dougall can be seen anchoring STV’s Scotland Tonight programme on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Her family moved to Lenzie shortly after Rona was born.

She said: “My father was a doctor at Stobhill Hospital and friends had told him Lenzie was a great place to bring up kids, and it was.

“Two of my siblings became doctors and the other a lawyer, so I think that’s testament to the very good education Lenzie Academy provides.”

After leaving school, Rona went on to study at Edinburgh University.

Her first job was with Radio Forth and her move to television came when she landed the Scotland correspondent position with Sky. She worked there for 15 years until being made redundant earlier this year.

Rona (44) told the Herald: “The highlight was probably being part of the team which won a BAFTA for our coverage of the terrorist attack at Glasgow airport.

“We weren’t expecting that and it was a huge honour.”

Rona’s now relishing her new role - her first as a news anchor.

She said: “It’s been a steep learning curve, but I am proud of the programme. I would watch it even if I wasn’t presenting it.

“But best of all I get to sit on a comfy chair in a nice warm studio - the days of standing in the snow reporting on blizzards in my thermals are behind me. For the moment anyway!”