School children could hold the key to survival of butterflies

Green Hairstreak
Green Hairstreak

Primary schools have been challenged to help protect several rare species of butterfly that call East Dunbartonshire home.

The Central Scotland Forest Trust (CSFT) recently launched its ‘Better Homes for Butterflies’ campaign and have educational packs ready to send out to schools.

They include identification guides, information sheets and equipment to create a bog garden and a butterfly hibernation box.

It’s hoped the campaign could stop the decline in populations of butterflies dependent on heath lands and peat bogs - such as Lenzie Moss.

Those insects under-threat include the colourful Green Hairstreak, scarce Large Heath and fast-flying Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary.

Emilie Wadsworth, CSFT heritage officer, said: “Our Better Homes for Butterflies packs are a fun and interactive way to educate pupils about the environment and we hope that local primary schools in East Dunbartonshire will join forces with us to help protect these beautiful flying insects.”

To apply for a butterfly pack just email

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