Sighthill’s answer to Stonehenge could be boost for North Glasgow

stonehenge in sighthill
stonehenge in sighthill
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HEAVENS above – the future of North Glasgow as a visitors attraction could be written in the stars.

Ambitious plans have been rekindled to finally complete and refurbish Sighthill Stone Circle – Scotland’s answer to Stonehenge.

The astronomical circle in Sighthill Park was the first of its kind to be created in the UK for 3,000 years.

However, it has lain unfinished and unloved since 1979 . . . until now.

Husband and wife team Duncan and Linda Lunan hope to complete the circle, turn it into a tourist attraction and watch visitors gravitate towards it.

They have formed a new organisation – the Friends of Sighthill Stone Circle – and are appealing for people to rally round.

Legendary writer, artist and academic Alasdair Gray has agreed to be a patron of the society.

The circle was designed by Duncan to line up with the sun and moon, with work taking place in 1978-79 – funded by a Government scheme.

However, the change of Government – and the arrival of Margaret Thatcher – meant work was abandoned.

Duncan said: “The circle was never completed and it has never become the local and visitor attraction which was intended.

“There is nothing to tell visitors who put the stones up, to whom they’re dedicated or how the circle works.

“This is such a beautiful park and you hardly see any people here.”

The aim now is to erect the final stones, install a plaque to explain the circle, restore stones to their correct height and provide better footpaths.

The circle has been a passion for Duncan (65) for more than three decades.

The idea was borne out of a competition for school children to design a copy of Stonehenge. Although not a replica of Stonehenge, the circle was conceived by Duncan according to ancient principles.