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Kirkintilloch YMCA picnic near Fintry
Kirkintilloch YMCA picnic near Fintry

Salmon poachers, pedestrianisation plans, rates rises and friendly football.

February 26, 1964

Three suspected salmon poachers were sent to jail after being caught with explosives hidden in the hubcaps of a car parked close to a river.

The men - two from Kirkintilloch and one from East Kilbride - were appearing at Stirling Sheriff Court on charges of knowingly being in posession of explosive substances - namely two detonators, two four ounce sticks of gelignite and a length of fuse wire.

They were found with the equipment just 300 yards away from the River Blane, near Stirling, and had no ‘reasonable explanation’ for having the explosives.

Two of the men were also found guilty of assaulting one of the police contables who caught them red handed.

February 27, 1974

A proposal to develop and pedestrianise Kirkintilloch’s Cowgate was approved, in principle, by the town’s Housing and Public Health Committee.

There was no specific timescale for the project, but Provost Hotchkiss recommended that the committee support the idea.

He said: “The people involved in the development are anxious to proceed. I don’t think the time factor would prevent us taking a decision in principle.”

Concerns about a potential lack parking were brought up but Councillor Jack Lucas said it would only be an “interim problem”, adding: “I think we are committed to the development of this town.”

February 29, 1984

Home owners in Strathkelvin were to see their rates rise 12.5 per cent as councillors fought to maintain services on dwindling resources.

The increase was included in Strathkelvin District Council’s annual budget - which also included a nine per cent rise in council house rents.

The labour administration said the rises were needed to counter cuts to local authority grants by both national and central government. Provost Gerard McCormack said the proposals were “based on the philosophy we have followed over the past four years that the people of Strathkelvin must be protected from forced cutbacks in local government expediture”.

February 23, 1994

A former Prisoner of War who was once sentenced to death by the Germans was trying to foster better relations with his former enemies - by organising a youth soccer competition.

War hero Peter Dunn was spearheading a project to bring a team from the Black Forest, in Germany, to Muirhead to play against local schools.

He had returned to his native Muirhead a few years earlier after living in England for 40 years - where he had organised a number of similar visits.

He said: When I was in Clevedon I formed some great relationships with the people of Ettlingen, in Germany, including Minister of State Dr Erwin Vetter.”