Take a trip down Memory Lane - December 15

Lenzie Academy class picture 1932-33
Lenzie Academy class picture 1932-33

Amazing pensioners, outlandish developments, popular presents and pedestrianisation plans.

December 18, 1963

Archie Graham, from Waterside, was named ‘Pensioner of the Year’ by Provost William Scott.

Archie had tirelessly offered free pensions work for war veterans, despite having impaired eyesight due to wounds sustained in the 1914-18 war.

The award was made at the annual old folk’s dinner in Kirkintilloch Town Hall.

Provost Scott said: “My choice of pensioner of the year 1963 is one of nature’s gentlemen who should figure largely in any ‘Who’s Who’ compiled in this burgh.

“If ever a man did put service before self it is Archie Graham and he has done most of his good deeds quietly and reverently.”

December 19, 1973

A planning officer revealed plans to amalgamate Milton of Campsie and Lennoxtown in a township of 18,000 and predicted the merging would be completed by 1990.

Mr M Dobson, planning officer for Stringlingshire Council, told a meeting at Craighead Primary School that the two villages would still retain their own identities, but would be connected by walkways and would share a town centre which would have car parking spaces for over 1,500 cars.

He predicted the new settlement would have six primary schools and two secondary schools, each with a capacity of around 1,100 pupils, while an improved expressway would link residents with Kirkintilloch.

December 21, 1983

A survey of local shops by Herald reporters revealed the ‘must have’ Christmas presents for Strathkelvin residents for 1983.

As the busy shop tills tinkled their own carols, clear trends in buying showed that electrical appliances and snooker tables were at the top of the list.

And traders appeared to be in a buoyant mood as consumers seemed to be splashing out on expensive presents for their loved ones.

Woolworth’s manager Byron Singley said: “We have had an excellent December so far, with sweets, toys and records all going very well. Snooker tables are particularly popular and I expect that this is a result of the television interest in the sport.”

December 15, 1993

Planning chiefs were preparing to scrap controversial plans to pedestrianise Cowgate, in Kirkintilloch town centre.

Despite a report to the committee commending the idea, planning convener Charles Kennedy proposed to abandon the scheme for the lifetime of the district council.

He said: “There are many benefits provided that the problems of parking, traffic flow and easy access to Cowgate for the disabled and elderly are overcome.

“However, we do feel that the decision must be postponed until the new authority comes into being.

“Then that authority can take decisions relating to the Cowgate.”