Take a trip down Memory Lane - July 16, 2014

Spinning yarn
Spinning yarn

Burgh anniversaries, teacher shortages, pipe band adventures and missing birdies.

July 15, 1964

A open sports meeting was being organised and sponsored by Kirkintilloch Town Council to celebrate the burgh’s 750th anniversary.

It was expected to be one of the most outstanding meetings staged in Scotland - with over 2,000 people expected to attend.

The 16-event meeting was to feature British champion highjumper Crawford Fairbrother.

Stars to watch on the track included Scottish Internationalist Craig Douglas and Scottish junior champaion Ken Oliver - both running in the 880 yards race.

New events included the 4-440 yards relay race for men and a 10-mile race from Woodhead Park, throgh Milton, Lennoxtown,Torrance and Eastside.

July 17, 1974

Lenzie Academy rector J Hamilton warned that staff shortages were getting to the stage where the school would only have a single physics teacher - rather than the required for.

Speaking at the school’s annual prize-giving he said: “As a result first and second year classes will only have half their allotted periods of science.

“There will be no physics in sixth year and a good proportion of ‘O’ and ‘H’ grade candidates will receive no instruction unless this can be arranged in Further Education classes.”

He added: “In the very basic subject of English the first year will be on reduced time next session and most of the sixth year will have no English.”

July 18, 1984

Bishopbriggs Pipe Band were set to travel to Spain for a week of fun in the sun - but they weren’t exactly on a holiday.

The band were to take part in two fold music festivals at Ortinguera and Vigo in northern Spain.

It would be the third time in just four years that the band had been invited overseas.

The were in France the year before and also in 1982 - when they had played at the annual Inter-Celtic Festival in Lorient.

During the 1983 visit they were selected to lead the Scottish contingent in the parade through Lorient and they obviously created a highly admirable impression - as they were immedately invited to Spain.

July 13, 1994

A hunt was underway for the owners of a missing feathered Rangers fan with a broad Glaswegian accent who had turned up in a garden.

The green and yellow budgie had been found by the Meikle family, in Chryston, who said that the bird often shouted the name of his favourite football team.

Mum Karen said: “He also does a great version of ‘Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie’.

“In fact, when it comes to saying ‘kissed the girls and made them cry’, he says ‘girls’ with a real grating Glaswegian accent, which is absolutely hilarious.”

She added: “I don’t think he could have flown too far so I hope he is local and somebody is looking for him.”