Take a trip down Memory Lane (July 29 - August 1)

Window on the Past
Window on the Past

July 29, 1964

A tracker dog was used by Kirkintilloch police after it was discovered that a smash and grab raid had taken place at Messrs Daniel Jack’s radio and television store in Cowgate.

Raiders used a large stone to smash a plate glass window and made off with two tape recorders valued at approximately £100.

When night patrol police saw the shattered window they quickly introduced road blocks on Cowgate and brought tracker dogs in.

The dog led police across Regent Gardens and Peel Park to the road at William Patrick Memorial Gardens - but the villains evaded capture. It was the second raid at the store in around a year.

July 31, 1974

The opening of a new housing estate in Torrance was marred when a sky-diving stunt took a wrong turn and almost ended in tragedy.

An army sky diver, Billy McCorquodale, got his parachute in a tangle and missed death by inches as he fell through a narrow gap between two 11,000 volt electricity cables.

There was a brilliant blue flash as his parachute hit the wires, but he scrambled to his feet unhurt.

Hundreds of householders in the area were blacked out for hours after the incident.

Billy told the Herald that he had pulled the wrong cord while doing the stunt - which involved two parachutes and a ‘double sky dive’ from 4,000 feet.

August 1, 1984

A plague of insects hit parts of Strathkelvin, with residents of one Kirkintilloch street left virtually in a state of shock after their homes were invaded by an epidemic of thrips.

The tiny black creatures, which bite like midges, had caused havoc in Westergreens Avenue.

One woman told the Herald: “It was like something out of a Hitchcock film. We were besieged nearly all week.

“We couldn’t believe our eyes when the insects came. They were everywhere.

“Windows were covered and you couldn’t see the white of the doorstep. They even found their way into my bread bin and at one stage covered the fridge.”

July 27, 1994

Singer Andy Truten was set to stage a ‘one-man Band Aid’ to raise hundreds of pounds for charity with a marathon song effort.

Andy was hoping to hit the right note with the sing-a-long at six different pubs in Kirkintilloch and Twechar in just one day - with all the money raised going towards buying a new community bus for residents in Twechar.

Andy worked as a nurse in Lennox Castle Hospital, but had always loved singing and was keen for others to join in on tracks from the likes of Jim Reeves and Rod Stewart.

He explained: “I wil be using CDs for the backing music and if anyone wants to come up and give us a song they will be welcome because it will be tough on my voice.”

Pictured is the ‘Hogshead Rally’ which was staged on May 5, 1990, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the opening of the Forth and Clyde Canal. The idea was to convey a ‘hogshead’ of water from the Clyde to the Forth, as was done in 1790.