Take a trip down Memory Lane - March 26, 2014

Twechar School class
Twechar School class

Housing plans, superstar DJs, Polish orchestras and church vandals.

March 25, 1964

A new private development by company Weir Housing - costing £350,000 - was set to “completely change the face of Lenzie”.

Bulldozers were set to move into an area of green fields and woods in the Millersneuk area to start clearingt he site in preparation for the building of 119 houses - comprising semi-detached houses and cottages.

The whole scheme was expected to be completed within 18 months.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Most of the houses will cost between £3,000 and £4,000.

“They will be of types tried and tested in our other developments over the last two or three years.”

27 March, 1974

A Kirkintilloch man had been appearing on Radio Clyde to take part in a competition to find the Pop Quiz champion of the West of Scotland.

Tom Russell (24) had become a regular on the station and was preparing to take part in the final of the contest.

Tom was a disc jocky with the Clockwork Orange Discotheque and had been spotted by a radio employee while spinning records at his regular Sunday night show at the MacDonald Hotel in Giffnock.

He also often appeared at functions for Lenzie Rugby Club and had become something of a loca celebrity - beating over 60 people to the final of the quiz.

March 28, 1984

A 30-piece chamber orchestra from Poland were set to arrive in Kirkintilloch during the summer as guests of Strathkelvin Arts Association to present a special concert in Kirkintilloch Town Hall.

The news wasrevealed by librarian Alice Mackenzie at a meeting of the Strathkelvin District Council’s leisure and recreation committee - who spoke about welcoming the visitors.

She said: “The Arts Association have always been responsible for paying the transport costs and providing hospitality overnight.

“The District Council usually provide a buffet meal before the concert.”

A youth orchestra from the same part of Poland had visited in 1975.

March 23, 1994

Vandals were plaguing the congregation of a village church.

St John of the Cross Roman Catholic Church, in Twechar, has been targeted several times in quick succession by stone throwing thugs.

Parish priest Father Duncan Kane said: “We have had our windows broken four times in the last fortnight. I don’t think it’s sectarian.

“I don’t know why they are doing it, but it leaves an awful mess,”

A police spokesperson said: “The youths who are doing this belong to the village.”

“Do their parents know what they are up to?”

“Police officers have been out in the area and will continue to monitor the situation.”