Take a trip down Memory Lane - November 13

St. Ninian's High school opening ceremony, 27th November 1931
St. Ninian's High school opening ceremony, 27th November 1931

Helicopter crashes, energy cuts, break-ins and heroic dogs.

November 13, 1963

A suspected helicopter crash in the Campsie Hills proved to be a false alarm.

A shepherd’s wife dialled 999 after seeing the aircraft plunging out of the air.

Minutes later three fire trucks and a naval rescue aircraft were on the way.

But when they got there a surprised army pilot asked: “What is all the fuss about? I was merely dropping steeply.”

The incident happened in the middle of ‘Exercise Fiery Cross’ - a mock battle between 240 men of the 1st Argyle and Sutherlands and a detachment of Ghurkas.

Firemaster Samuel Peck said: “She did the right thing by calling us. If she sees another plane in distress we hope she calls again.”

November 14, 1973

A series of energy cuts across Lennoxtown, Bishopbriggs, Stepps and Torrance had led to panic buying of candles, paraffin lamps and heaters.

One store manager described the sale of candles as “fantastic” and said that his stock was running out fast. At the town’s Woolworths shop staff said that they had run out of candles and that it would be a ferw days before stock would be restored.

The manager said: “Strange as it may seem, we have also sold a lot of electric heaters.

“Many people plan to use these until the supply of electricity stops and then use their store of coal. With luck we’ll have supplies by the end of the week.”

November 16, 1983

Police were investigating a spate of break-ins at golf clubs - with two clubhouses being targeted in a single morning.

The latest club to be hit by criminals was Mount Ellen Golf Club.

Theives broke in at around 7am and removed a “large sum of money”.

The haul was largely in the form of 50p and 10p coins taken from a number of gaming machines.

A car used in the crime was abandoned at the scene.

On the same morning there was also an attempted break-in at Campsie Golf Club, in Lennoxtown, but the raiders made their escape after a burglar alarm went off.

November 10, 1993

A woman who suffered for six months with a crippling back injury was cured - by her DOG.

Andrean Allan (52) got a new ‘leash of life’ after she was dragged off her feet and pulled through the mud by her golden labrador Quincey.

But Quincey turned from villain to hero when Andrean discovered the back problem that had hounded her for months had been cured in the fall.

She said: “We were walking in Mugdock Country Park when Quincey saw another dog and made a dash for it.

“I gave him a row at the time but afterwards I realised that the pain in my back had gone. Now he gets spoiled with his favourite biscuits.”