Take a trip down Memory Lane - October 16

Bishopbriggs Boys' Brigade outing, 1949.
Bishopbriggs Boys' Brigade outing, 1949.
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Television celebs, pub takeovers, controversial flags and muggings

October 16, 1963

STV personality Bill Tennent was mobbed by hundreds of excited fans outside Springfield Church Hall.

The current affairs presenter was in town to open and compere a show put on by the local branch of the Women’s Voluntary Service (WVS).

As he left the performance to walk to his car he was surrounded by a 600-strong crowd, shouting and cheering.

WVS member Mrs Davie said: “It was really fantastic. We had so many people that we didn’t know where to put them - they were all over the place.

“Bill was absolutely wonderful with the children which is why he was mobbed at the end.”

October 17, 1973

Regulars at the popular Chase Inn in Kirkintilloch’s Merkland Shopping Centre were organising a petition against a takeover of their pub.

The bar had already been changed by new owners Reo Stakis - including a price hike on spirits.

And locals were worried that the next move could be to turn the pub into a steakhouse.

Jim McLuckie, who was organising the petition, said: “Already about 25 per cent of the regulars have stopped drinking here.

“We had the best pub in town with a very friendly staff.

“Now a veil of gloom hangs over us all at the thought of Stakis taking over.

“We don’t want Stakis at our local.”

October 19, 1983

Councillors were up in arms over plans to spend cash on comissioning a special flag to fly outside new council headquarters.

Strathkelvin District Council were in discussions aboutwhether a flag should be designed to mark moving to premises in Kirkintilloch’s Whitegates.

Provost Gerard McCormack disagreed with the proposal.

He explained: “I think this is a waste of time and not worth bothering about. I don’t see what good it will do.”

And Councillor Ian MacBryde suggested delaying a decision until it was clear whether there would even be a FLAGPOLE at the new offices.

October 13, 1993

A pools collector was robbed at knife point by two thugs - prompting police to warn people to be on the alert for similar attacks.

The 18-year-old Celtic pools collector, from Bishopbriggs, was forced to hand over his £40 takings in Cleddens Road at 7.30pm.

A police spokesperson said: “The collector wasn’t hurt but was quite shaken by the ordeal.

“Thankfully, this time nobody was hurt but if you are carrying a knife then it’s a starter for ten to stab someone.

“Now we are keen to warn other pools collectors, paper boys, and milkboys to be on guard against this kind of thing. If possible they should be accompanied and stick to the main roads and well lit areas.”