Take a trip down Memory Lane - October 30

Making hay in Robroyston Farm in 1920
Making hay in Robroyston Farm in 1920

Fishy tales, band success, illegal campers and fireworks in a village hall.

October 30, 1963

An angler had a shock when he got home with his catch of the day.

Bill Whyte, from Kirkintilloch, had caught a plump seven pound salmon while fishing on the River Endrick.

On his return home he noticed that the salmon was still moving and decided to put it in a bath filled with cold water.

The fish made a remarkable recovery and started swimming around its new home happily - much to the delight of visiting friends and family.

One told the Herald: “It really was remarkable and something that I would not have believed had I not actually seen it with my own two eyes.”

October 31, 1973

Kirkintilloch Silver Band had a successful day at the Glasgow and West of Scotland solo and quartet championships at Greenock.

Band representatives were first in the junior quartet section and second in the senior solos and quartets categories.

The junior quartet were winners for the fourth successive year and in so doing were the first holders of the John Reid Memorial Trophy - presented to the band in recognition of their consistent success.

The band’s principal cornet player, 18-year-old Jim MacIntosh, was placed second in the senior solos - beating many well-known soloists with an outstanding performance in the process.

November 2, 1983

A group of travellers illegally camped in Kirkintilloch’s Campsie Road were set to be given their marching orders.

Strathkelvin District Council was told that the majority of the caravans that had moved in belonged to “operators belonging to Stirling District” and would be “moved on shortly”.

Only a couple of the vehicles were owned by one of 13 traveller families registered in Strathkelvin. They had applied to get onto the authority’s housing list and would be dealt with separately.

Depute director of administration Crawford Gordon said that the caravans would be moved and the area blocked off - leaving only the Strathkelvin family onsite.

October 27, 1993

Concerned villagers were urging police to crack down on firework-throwing hooligans after an attack on a village hall.

The calls came after a rocket was set off inside Milton of Campsie village hall just minutes before a group of children were due to start a karate club.

District councillor Charles Kennedy said: “Clearly those responsible for this latest incident knew exactly what they were doing.

“I shudder to think what the consequences could have been if the young people had been in the hall at the time.

“This type of behaviour is not only dangerous and irresponsible, it is positively wicked and must be stopped.”