Top of the swaps – some-fin amazing will be making a splash in Glasgow

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AN amazing new theatre adventure for all the family will enthrall audiences in Glasgow this week – based on a best-selling book by legendary writer Neil Gaiman and artist Dave McKean.

‘The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish’ is an interactive promenade theatre production created especially for families and schools, adapted from the cult children’s book by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean.

Throughout the tour, families are getting the opportunity to take part in a Saturday Swap Shop.

‘The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish’ is a tale of imagination and wonder.

What if you wanted your best friend’s goldfish so much that you would swap anything you had for them? Anything. Absolutely anything. Even your Dad.

Well that’s just what Neil does and when Mum finds out, she’s not pleased and Neil and his little sister have to ’go get Dad back’.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Nathan doesn’t have Dad any more. He swapped him for Vashti’s electric guitar.

And Vashti swapped Dad, with Blinky, for a gorilla mask.

And Blinky swapped Dad, with Patti, for Galveston the rabbit.

And Patti lives a very, very long way away.

Young audiences and their families are invited to take part in an interactive production to help Neil and his sister on their mission to get Dad back.

The performance will move throughout interesting spaces in each theatre building and the audience will go on a journey with the cast, encountering surprises along the way.

‘The Day I Swapped My Day For Two Goldfish’ is a theatrical adventure for children aged six to ten, which is a little bit about being a sibling and a little bit about being a genius.

On Saturdays at each venue, and in keeping with the swapping themes in the play, the National Theatre of Scotland will host their own free Saturday Swap Shop event in the foyer of each venue. Children and their friends and families can bring a toy or a book to swap for other items on the swap table.

This family activity is supported by Mackie’s of Scotland. The Saturday Swap Shop is a fun and environmentally-friendly way for children to recycle unwanted toys, giving them a future life in a new loving home and giving children the chance to take a home a new toy for free.

The production is also supported by a programme of free primary school workshops, for schools booking to see the show, subject to availability.

The workshops are delivered by Eilidh MacAskill and Fiona Manson, who have previously performed to great success as The Polar Bears.

The first stage production the National Theatre of Scotland produced in 2006 was a musical stage adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean’s The Wolves in the Walls, directed by Vicky Featherstone.

This toured with great success over a number of years throughout Scotland and the UK. There was also a run at the New Victory Theatre, New York.

Lu Kemp has created vibrant, theatrical adaptations for children and young people working with leading young playwrights in Scotland.

Kemp and writer Oliver Emanuel created ‘Titus’, with a new translation of Jan Sobrie’s text, which toured to acclaim in Scotland, including the Imaginate Festival 2012 and dates in Austria, Sweden and Northern Ireland.

Lu Kemp and Abigail Docherty created ‘One Thousand Paper Cranes’ which appeared at the Imaginate Festival 2010 and was part of the Made In Scotland showcase 2011 where it won Best Scottish Contribution to Drama on the Fringe (Edinburgh Guide and Scottish Arts Club).

Individually, Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean have created a phenomenal wealth of creative projects encompassing books, TV, film, comics, music and photography. They are internationally acclaimed, award-winning artists.

Together Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean have created two children’s picture books ‘The Wolves in the Walls’ and ‘The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish’.

Gaiman has also written a series of amazing books for children (including ‘Coraline’ and ‘The Graveyard Book’) and adults (such as ‘American Gods’).

His seminal monthly comic series ‘Sandman’ – each of which featured a McKean cover – redefined the genre of comic books and graphic novels forever.

* ‘The Day I Swapped My Day For Two Goldfish’ is on at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, from Wednesday, May 22 – Saturday, May 25.

The Saturday Swap Shop is a free family foyer event on May 25, from 12pm to 1.45pm.

Tickets cost £10 and £7.50. You can call the box office on 0141 552 4267 or visit

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