Tribes set out to prove the critics wrong with storming Oran Mor set

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It’s hard not to feel sorry for Tribes.

This Glasgow Oran Mor gig was meant to be a celebration - the Camden rockers’ first live outing since releasing the follow-up to lauded debut album ‘Baby’.

Instead it comes at the end of a week where their sophomore effort, ‘Wish to Scream’, has received a critical mauling of unusual intensity.

Singer Johnny Lloyd seems to have taken it all a bit personally, stalking around the stage angrily and spitting insults at the journalists who dare to criticise.

There’s no doubt that the new tracks have some serious quality control issues, but performed live they stand up surprisingly well. Stripped of the album’s deadening over-production, newbies like ‘Sons and Daughters’ slot in comfortably alongside the anthemic garage rock of ‘Sappho’ and ‘We Were Children’.

By the singalong encore even Johnny seems to be starting to enjoy himself - inviting fans to join them in the bar and signalling the fun is far from over.