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Townhead Bridge
Townhead Bridge

Our weekly look at the Herald archives.

December 7, 1994

Television entertainer Glen Michael of Cartoon Cavalcade fame brought his all-new Christmas show to Kirkintilloch.

Glen’s Christmas Cavalcade was held in the town hall.

The local libraries were supporting the show, selling tickets for the event.The popular television show had ended 
a few years earlier, in 1992.

At its peak in the 70s and 80s, Cartoon Cavalcade attracted a staggering 98 per cent of Scotland’s television viewing audience and introduced a generation of children to Bugs Bunny, Mr Magoo and Spider-Man.

December 5, 1984

A Christmas toy appeal was launched by provost Bobby Coyle for needy children in Strathkelvin.

The Provost said: “We are asking for toys not money. They can be handed in to any branch of the libraries in the District, and a department within the council will deal with the distribution of the goods when collected.”

Provost Coyle added he was hoping to get the assistance of the regional social work department to identify where the toys were most needed and said some of them would go to children in hospital.

Local people were asked to give generously in the spirit of goodwill for the forthcoming festive season.

December 4, 1974

Warning of militant action on an unprecedented scale was given this week as local teachers took part in a virtual three-day strike in answer to an “insulting” interim pay award of £100.

Most schools were closed this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Those that did not close were operating on a half-day basis.

Councillor Vaughn, himself a teacher, said at the time: “Education is our most important investment.

“The Government may mortgage North Sea oil but they should not dare to mortgage our children’s future.”

The EIS was calling for an interim rise of £10 per week and a backdated payment of £3.

December 9, 1964

Young children screamed as they watched their mothers pushed aside by a double decker bus in Kirkintilloch.

The mothers of Woodstock Avenue in the town had barricaded the street in an attempt to stop buses from travelling along it – angry over the dangers to their youngsters. At 10am on a Saturday 30 mothers and 44 children stood in line across the road.

Placards stated: “No buses in our street” and “Woodstock is a deathtrap”.

The demonstrators stood defiantly in front of a line of prams with babies in them. One bus stopped just inches from them forcing them to move. The brave mums managed to hold up three other buses for more than an hour.

This week’s photo: Taken high above, from St Mary’s Steeple, a great vantage point to photograph the 
opening ceremony of the new Townhead Bridge in Kirkintilloch in 1933. Crowds flocked to the area to witness its grand opening by local dignitaries.