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Taking a walk down Memory Lane
Taking a walk down Memory Lane

Our weekly look at the Kirkintilloch Herald archives

This week’s photo: East Dunbartonshire has a thriving arts community with numerous drama groups and cultural activities. Back in 1943 it was no different and this photo shows Campsie High Church Amateur Dramatic Society rehearsing for their “9.45” production.

January 3, 1965

Capital punishment was the controversial topic being 
discussed in Kirkintilloch this week in 1965 as a new bill was being put before parliament in an attempt to abolish it.

The MP for East Dunbartonshire, Mr Cyril Bence, had voted in favour of the bill.

Opinion was split in Kirkintilloch with two men interviewed by the Kirkintilloch Herald vowing never to vote for Mr Bence again.

One of them said: “No one in their right mind should make any move to abolish capital punishment.”

But a local man who supported the bill said: “I think we should remember that the man who performs the hanging is also, technically, a murderer.”

January 1, 1975

The festive spirit didn’t seem to have extended to 

Despite the supposed goodwill to all men, the contribution of 
local troublemakers had been to continually steal and smash the coloured lights on Kirkintilloch’s Christmas tree.

The lights had been destroyed at the rate of about 60 a night and council workmen had the disheartening task of replacing them time after time.

In addition, the Three Wise Men decorations on the top of the branch library in Regent 
Gardens was vandalised.

Councillor Alex McDonald warned vandals they could experience a “severe electric shock”.

January 9, 1985

About 160 people from Strathkelvin lined up for 
the start of the seventh annual Lenzie jog through the streets.

Mr Dave Collis, Chairman of Lenzie 
Community Council told the Herald: “This year there were more runners from outside the 
district. Most of them were really keen, too.”

The Lenzie jog offered participants the choice of four distances - 1-mile, 2-miles, 3-miles and the full seven-mile course.

Mr Collins said: “It’s all great fun. This year many youngsters took part and they all seemed to love it.”

Everyone taking part in the fun run was presented with a certificate from the local community council.

January 4, 1995

Families were evacuated to safety when a massive chasm opened up outside their homes.

The 19ft-wide hole was discovered by an off-duty fireman who looked on in horror 
as the back wheel of his car disappeared into the crater.

Fifty families were evacuated at Beaufort Gardens, Bishopbriggs, while repair work was carried out.

An investigation by a team of experts using special cameras revealed an old mineshaft underneath the area where the residential road had collapsed.

Repairs were expected to take months 
before residents could move back into their homes.