Yet another comic tour de force from Kitson

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Since shuffling onto the comedy scene in 2001 Daniel Kitson has become a near-mythic figure.

It’s accepted wisdom that he’s the finest standup of his generation, while his storytelling shows have seen him positively compared to Alan Bennett - a billing he lived up to in his 2011 masterpiece ‘It’s Always Right Now, Until it’s Later’.

‘After the Beginning. Before the End’ adds yet another facet to his flawless back catalogue.

It sees him expertly combine his theatrical monologues with more traditional standup to deliver a 90-minute set at Glasgow’s Arches venue that’s as packed with ideas as it is with laughs.

Heavyweight ruminations on Lockean memory theory run alongside fiercely-personal vignettes from Kitson’s own life.

Hypnotic audio loops draw the audience in, Kitson silencing the beats only to extract the most satisfying punchlines from his philosophical musings.

In a Glasgow preview of this show Kitson joked: “I’ve just reinvented standup. Again.” He wasn’t far wrong.