1,000 visit Bearsden Festival

Bearsden Festival was a huge success again this year with over one thousand visitors from nearby and as far away as Dunfermline!

There was a real mix of all ages and generations as well as a huge variety of different community groups.

Bearsden Festival.

Bearsden Festival.

They had 40 groups at the societies fair and then two and a half hours worth of entertainment on the outdoor stage at Bearsden Primary from pupils at Colquhoun Primary and Baljaffray Primary to Tai Chi and music groups and 1st Bearsden Boys Brigade.

The founder of the event, which is now in its third year, Roddy Hamilton, minister at new Kilpatrick Church, Bearsden, said: “There was such a variety of talent but even more a great willingness to share that across the community.

“One of the highlights was the Celtic concert. It was a busy concert headed up by local Fiona Hunter but the whole concert was set alight with Boclair Academy folk group and Anna Mackenzie of Douglas Academy.

“Along with young Ryan Corbett, former pupil of Douglas, whose fingers worked so fast you needed a slow motion camera to see - it was a fabulously upbeat night.

“Another highlight was the number of people who bumped into friends or old school mates they hadn’t seen in years and caught up with each other, passed phone numbers and organised meeting up again.

“That’s when community events work best. Even I bumped into some folk I hadn’t seen in years!

“Now we are thinking about how we might continue to creatively engage our community and looking for people and partners who would like to work with us.” Please email: info@bearsdenfestival.org.uk or phone 0141 942 8827.