£10k repair bill after school attack

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WOULD-be thieves have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage at a local school.

An IT suite and classroom at Lenzie Moss Primary suffered extensive damage after thieves, who were trying to steal lead flashing from the roof, burst water pipes causing the ceiling of the rooms to collapse.

The cost of the damage is believed to be around £10,000.

It’s the second time the school has been targeted after thieves stole £450 worth of lead from the primary’s roof at the start of July.

Council leader Rhondda Geekie said: “I’m shocked, this was a dreadful thing to do, especially given the amount of damage caused.

“The really annoying thing is they didn’t manage to get anything. This had no benefit to them, but it’s done so much damage to the building.

“We’re struggling for every penny and now we have to pay for this mindless vandalism.

“The council’s always looking for ways to make schools more secure and we will now have a look at that and have a discussion with the police to see if there’s any more action we can take.”

Councillor Gillian Renwick said: “It’s a shocking situation. I’m concerned that the school has been targeted again and I think there has to be more security during the summer.”

Councillor Anne Jarvis said: “This is disgraceful. The sooner those responsible are caught the better.”

East Dunbartonshire Council says the damage will be repaired before pupils return on August 15.

Grace Irvine, head of assets and property services at the council, said: “On the evening of Sunday, July 24 there was a break in at Lenzie Moss Primary with attempted theft of roof materials.

“This resulted in burst water pipes and the accumulated water lead to partial ceiling collapses in one classroom and one ICT suite causing damage to furnishings and computers.”

She added: “We’re still assessing the cost of these remedial works, however, the current priority is to ensure all classrooms are fully functional for the start of term on August 15.

“The attempted theft’s been reported to Strathclyde Police.”