A-Peel for help at popular Kirkintilloch park

Peel Park
Peel Park

GRAFFITI, broken glass and rubbish are spoiling Kirkintilloch’s centrepiece park.

That is the fear of a concerned councillor who has called again for Peel Park to be given a spring clean.

David Ritchie contacted the council about the state of the park in March, after receiving complaints from residents about graffiti, rubbish and broken glass.

However, two months later, Councillor Ritchie claims the situation is no better.

And the Campsie and Kirkintilloch North councillor says he was forced to call out a cleansing team to the park to try and deal with the problem.

Councillor Ritchie said: “The park is a great asset to Kirkintilloch and people should be able to use it without thinking it is untidy.

“There is CCTV at the park, but it does not seem to be picking up the problem. There’s graffiti and some of the benches are in a poor state of repair.

David Devine, head of roads and neighbourhood services, said the park was regularly checked by the council.

He added: “Peel Park was inspected and some litter was found on a grassed area and on steps leading to the swing park. Also a litter bin was partially full. We have arranged for this litter to be collected and the bins to be emptied.

“We would encourage members of the public using this area to use the bins provided. Graffiti was removed from the sign located just beyond the Cenotaph a few weeks ago and a commemorative tree was also replaced after it had been vandalised.

“On inspection some further pieces of graffiti were found and will be removed.”

BETTER DAYS: Peel Park is pictured in previously pristine condition.