A reminder of home in Argentinian capital

A Kirkintilloch phone box in Buenos Aires
A Kirkintilloch phone box in Buenos Aires

A globe-trotting couple were given an unexpected reminder of home recently after travelling to the other side of the world.

Carol and Alexander Grant, from Lenzie, were on a South American cruise when they went to explore the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires.

When Alexander spied an eye-catching British red telephone box he expertly inspected it to find that it was one which had been made in Kirkintilloch - where he lived for much of his life.

Carol said: “Everywhere he goes he looks out for phone boxes from Kirkintilloch.

“He was delighted to see his home town recognised on the other side of the world - definitely one of the highlights of his holiday.

“We also saw some red phone boxes in the Falkland Islands but they were made in Stirling.”

And close family connections with the Lion Foundry - who made the metal structures - mean that the box could have even been made by one of Alexander’s own relatives.

He said: “I understand that my Cousin Robert and Uncle Bill both worked at the Lion Foundry, while my Aunt Margaret worked at the Star Foundry.”

The Lion Foundry made the iconic phone boxes - as well as the equally distinctive red post boxes - until 1984.

The K2 and K6 models were exported around the world, popping up inn places like Taiwan, New Zealand and the USA - as well as in Argentina.

Listed versions of these boxes still stand in Kirkintilloch Town Centre - with additional models recently installed as part of the Town Centre Masterplan.