A special dog who comforts the elderly in a care home

Heather Gordon and her dog Hollywith some of the  residents.
Heather Gordon and her dog Hollywith some of the residents.

A friendly dog has been visiting Buchanan Care Home in Bearsden to comfort and cheer up the elderly residents for the past seven years.

Rescue dog Holly from Bearsden, who is owned by Heather Gordon, began visiting the home when Heather’s mother lived there.

Everyone loved seeing Holly so much that Heather decided to continue taking her there and to register her officially as a therapy dog.

Heather said: “We go there twice a week, usually for about an hour.

“The residents love stroking and petting her - it makes them feel good and cheers up their day.

“Everyone looks forward to her visits and they are very happy when she arrives.

“Some people are confined to their rooms so it’s extra special for them and Holly is also very comforting for people when they are at the end of their life - she will sit with them and lick their hand and just keep them company.

“One lady had photos of Holly all over her wall because she was so fond of her.

“She’s a fantastic little therapy dog and although sadly she’s recently gone deaf she’s still as fit as a fiddle.”

Holly previously worked for the PDSA as well at fundraising events and appearing in photo shoots.

Bearsden Dog Training Club also took her to local schools to teach children about dogs.