Aarron is our very own baby braveheart – and we want to repay the heroes who saved his life

Michelle McCartney (37) and John Morrison (36) with baby Aarron (10 months), Lennoxtown
Michelle McCartney (37) and John Morrison (36) with baby Aarron (10 months), Lennoxtown

A MIRCALE baby who underwent life-saving heart surgery when he was just days old is celebrating his first birthday with his grateful family.

When little Aarron Morrison was born he appeared to be a normal, healthy baby.

But during a routine discharge from the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital in Glasgow, one of the junior consultants thought Aarron had an irregular sounding heartbeat.

Thinking it was possibly a murmur, doctors decided to carry out an ultrasound examination on the tiny tot.

The test revealed that a small duct in baby Aarron’s heart was not closing properly.

A team of doctors was brought in to check on Aarron, and his devastated parents, Michelle and John, began to fear the worst.

At just a few days old Aarron was transferred to Yorkhill Hospital’s intensive care unit.

Aarron – from Lennoxtown – was diagnosed with coarctation of the aorta – a narrowing of the major artery leading out of the heart.

As the aorta carries blood from the heart to the rest of the body, if it’s narrowed, it’s hard for blood to pass through the artery.

Aarron’s condition was critical. A surgeon from Yorkhill, who was in London, was flown back and at just three-days-old, the tot underwent major heart surgery.

Now, just weeks away from his first birthday, brave baby Aarron is doing great.

His dad, John (36), said: “It was pure chance that when Aarron was getting discharged the doctor did a check of his heart. If we had taken him home we never would have known anything was wrong.

“Michelle and I were in total shock. The surgeon said if Aarron didn’t have the operation there and then, he would only survive for two weeks. They saved his life and words can’t describe how grateful we are.”

After undergoing emergency surgery, Aarron remained in intensive care, on a life support machine, for several days and spent another two weeks in hospital.

The East Dunbartonshire family are now looking forward to celebrating Aarron’s first birthday on October 5.

Michelle (37) said: “Aarron is doing great. There are no ongoing medical issues.

“It may crop up again, but the groundwork is in place to deal with that if it happens. This birthday will be extra special. When you go through something like that you don’t take anything for granted.

“If it wasn’t for Yorkhill Children’s Hospital, Aarron simply wouldn’t be here today.

“All the staff, from those that work in the canteen, to the nurses and doctors, were amazing and really supportive.”

To thank the team at Yorkhill, John and some family members will be climbing Ben Nevis on September 29 to raise money for Yorkhill Children’s Foundation.

You can sponsor John by visiting www.charitygiving.co.uk/doingitforaarron

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